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Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are the traditional choice, a well-established and reliable way to treat cavities, particularly those in the back teeth.

They are made from a combination of metals, including tin, silver and mercury. When in this alloy form, mercury is perfectly safe.

Why choose amalgam fillings?

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings can transform your smile in a more cost-effective way than other methods. They are now more popular than amalgam, with many people opting for tooth-coloured composite for aesthetic reasons.

Composite is a type of resin made from a mixture of glass and plastic, which closely resembles enamel when hardened. It can also be colour-matched to your natural teeth, making it blend in perfectly.

Why choose composite fillings?

Effective and reliable treatment

A filling is a very common dental procedure, used for treating cavities in the tooth caused by decay. They are a highly effective way to restore the structure and functionality of a tooth. The affected tooth is prepared and the hole filled with a special material which is shaped and set to ensure it is comfortable in your mouth.

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