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Prepare to be Pampered at Synergy Dental Centres

Both wedding season and the summer are fast approaching. Here at Synergy Dental Centres, we are excited to see glimmers of sunshine and are looking forward to some warmer climes. Alongside the usual dental treatments, you would expect to see at our centres, such as dental implants, for missing teeth, teeth whitening for discoloured teeth…


Refresh and Rejuvenate With Facial Aesthetics

No matter how many expensive creams and supplements you use, skin will lose elasticity and collagen over time resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Some experience these signs of ageing earlier than others and can really affect your confidence. Facial aesthetics also targets areas of the face and neck for general improvement, alongside fighting the…


The Importance Of Your Check-Ups

Regular check-ups with your dental surgery are the key to maintaining a healthy and clean smile. Most people require dental check-ups every 6 – 12 months but you might require them more regularly if you have a pre-existing condition such as diabetes. According to Dental Health, 39% of adults in the UK don’t regularly visit…


Do you fancy a smile makeover in 2022? Design your perfect smile

You may think smile makeovers are only for the rich and famous but think again! We are seeing more patients enquire about smile makeovers, and it’s never too late to design your perfect smile. A smile makeover at Synergy Dental Centres provides patients the opportunity to transform their smiles. We use a combination of different…


Top tips for maintaining good oral hygiene this festive period

We’re all getting more excited as Christmas and the holidays edge closer, but this can be a detrimental time for your teeth and oral health if care is not taken to protect them. Don’t worry, here at Synergy, we’re not advocating a ban on all sweet and sugary treats but are offering the best tips…


Brighten your smile in time for Christmas

Brighten your smile in time for Christmas The time of year when the most photographs are taken to look back on for years to come. But have you got a smile that you would be happy to show to all the family? Teeth whitening treatment can give you the boost you need to have you…


How a trip to the hygienist can restore your smile

You might think that by cleaning your teeth for two minutes twice a day, you are keeping your smile 100% free from decay and disease, but your mouth can harbour plaque, which is difficult to see and reach, even with floss. According to dentalhealth, 33% of British adults have never flossed or cleaned interdentally, which…


Dental Implants – the effective way to replace missing teeth

Missing teeth can affect a lot more than just your confidence. Diet, speech and even the health of your surrounding teeth and mouth can be impacted when you lose a tooth. Astonishingly, nearly 75% of Brits are without their full set of natural teeth, and so tooth-loss is a big problem in the UK. But…


New Beginnings

As we now move into a new post-covid world we are excited about all the new opportunities we are going to be encountering. For Synergy Dental Centres the last 6 months have been truly exciting. We have expanded to include Chertsey Dental Practice and welcome them to the Synergy Dental Centres team, along with Phil…


Invisalign – Discreet and Comfortable Braces for All

Struggling with crooked, crowded teeth, or perhaps an under or overbite? Invisalign is an affordable treatment for a multitude of cases. With a staggering 40% of the UK population unhappy with their smile, we have treatments that will give you a reason to smile again in no time. Invisalign is a virtually invisible route to…


Lost A Front Tooth? What Are Your Options?

Losing a front tooth has an immediate impact on your appearance. Our Addlestone dentists offer advice. Tooth loss is inevitable with our first, or baby, teeth. This is a natural part of life. Once our adult teeth have come through though, they will be the last natural teeth that we have and need to be…


The Cost Of A Brand New Smile?

A look at financial aspects of cosmetic dentistry Most dentists will have heard patients say that they would dearly like to have nicer looking teeth but that cosmetic dentistry treatments are too expensive. It is true that these treatments are not available on the NHS and therefore, without any government subsidy, the full treatment has…


Brighten Up Your Smile For Spring!

As the duller days recede, is now the time to start thinking about a smile boost? Although at the time of writing this blog the weather is looking very Autumnal, we have at least recently had a glimpse of the sunnier weather that hopefully lies ahead. Many of our Synergy Dental Centres patients will have…


Straighter Teeth For A Healthier Mouth

Invisalign – a more attractive smile and potentially healthier too! Dental braces have been in use for many years. In fact, they are believed to have been used as far back as 2000BC by the ancient Egyptians. The use of metal and animal parts wrapped around the teeth which have been found in mummies is…


Ten Top Tips For Improved Oral Health

Synergy Dental Centres Dental Hygienist, Adam Mohsen, offers some useful advice on having a healthy mouth When we think about dentistry, we tend perhaps, to think largely about our teeth. After all, anyone who has neglected their teeth and had a painful toothache will know just how bad that can be. Whilst focussing on our…

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